We craft icons

Welcome to Iconograf, where we redefine communication for luxury brands with a modern touch. Our creativity, subtle and refined, effortlessly adapts to the new demands of social media, delivering an authentic and engaging visual experience. At the heart of our approach, we seamlessly blend an in-depth understanding of digital trends, ensuring our clients a compelling presence on social platforms. Our content, thoughtfully crafted, captures attention amidst the constant flow of social media, all while preserving artistic integrity. At Iconograf, we skillfully navigate between timeless elegance and contemporary responsiveness. Each creation serves to strengthen the emotional connection between the brand and its audience, crafting visual moments that resonate beyond screens.


Séphora Schaffner

Séphora is a passionate professional working as an account Manager in the fields of photography, graphic design and website development.Through her development as a model, she has strengthened her communication and creativity skills, she has built authentic relationships with her customers over the years. With a degree in jewelry and watch design, she has acquired in-depth expertise in understanding her customers’ aesthetic needs. With her artistic vision and keen eye for detail, Séphora excels in creating captivating images that reflect the unique personalities of her subjects. As a dynamic entrepreneur, she has also led luxury product design projects, offering tailor-made solutions to meet each client’s specific requirements. With an exceptional work ethic, Séphora knows how to combine innovation and functionality, guaranteeing results that exceed her customers’ expectations. Her passion for the visual arts is reflected in every project, making her a key player in the luxury marketing sector.


Christian Meuwly

In his role as the artistic director of Iconograf agency, Christian Meuwly adeptly intertwines his expertise in portrait photography with a unique creative vision, particularly renowned for his prowess as the portraitist of classical music virtuosos. His exceptional ability to transcend conventions gives rise to images that not only capture the very essence of each subject in a distinctive manner but also unveil the soulful connection between the artist and their craft. Christian Meuwly has extensive experience working with communications agencies in Switzerland. His distinct focus on classical music virtuosos adds a layer of depth and emotion to his work, creating visual narratives that resonate with the harmonies of their musical genius. Under his insightful direction, Iconograf agency becomes a hub for not just captivating visual narratives but a celebration of the symbiosis between aesthetics and the virtuosity of classical music.